Understanding the nature of migraine disease. Living life with a chronic illness.

Migraine has traveled with me through life for nearly six decades. I have never thought of migraine as a welcome companion, but it is as much a part of me as the color of my hair and the freckles on my skin.

My migraines have seen various behavioral configurations as…

But here’s what you can do to increase your chances

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My 46,000-word manuscript contains only one mild curse word, is bursting with uncool grammatical correctness, does not portray me as a victim, and is not littered with name droppings (except for the time I met Colonel Sanders).

In short, my book idea is totally effed.

After weeks of researching, writing…

A Test of Patience and Maturity

A trial-and-error process on the road to writing a book during a slight mid-life crisis.

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I’m about to try something that scares the hell out of me.

I’m frightened of the potential for failure, and I’m frightened of the possible repercussions of success. With over fifty-plus years of living under my belt, I’m familiar with many proverbial forks in the road.

The forks don’t surprise…

The Reality of Delirium

The birth of clarity hides in the wake of death. Life and death are two sides of the same coin.

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My subconscious searched for a solution, or at least a welcome distraction. Compelled to glance up, I saw her sitting dead center in the bedroom doorway, gazing with solemn interest at the scene unfolding in the room. …

If only uniting the world were as simple as two sentences. If only a childhood diversion were enough to silence the noise. If only …

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Cat’s fur to make kitten britches. Do you want a pair?

Two little sentences equivalent to a conversational slap in the face. A lingual jolt to snap you out of your train of thought.

Pulled from the dusty back section of my filing cabinet of memories, my mind opens a…

Crisis is not the time for irrational reactionism. The generations before us understood the practical application of being in this together.

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The clock’s second-hand kept ticking with a steady, unaltering rhythm. Heart rates increased with each tinge of panic infiltrating the bloodstream. All the while, time marched on with no interest in current events.

Well after midnight, our household was awakened. Each of us grabbed by the collar and yanked out…

Looking for a pocket of joy in a coat of sadness. The darkening view from inside a five-month migraine hell. Helpless against triggers created by those who choose not to see.

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Troubled dark clouds fill my head. Lulled to sleep each night by thunderous weeps as raindrops of sadness soak my pillow. Looking for a pocket of joy in a coat of sadness worn for too many migraine filled months.

Joy is a forgotten pleasure. My mind stretches in desperation to…

Some riches are self-made. Others are bestowed in the form of Melmac memories more valuable than fine China.

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The sun was shining on the little house on 5th Street. Even though cartoons were playing on the television inside the house, the playground de jour was the front yard. The 60/40 mix of grass and weeds was encroaching onto the uneven rectangular sections of sidewalk cutting through the yard.

Some of us are not destined to live in color. Purpose can be subtle.

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“Tammy Cullou! And how are you?”

The old farmer’s sing song voice greeted me with a smile each morning during harvest, in a small Oklahoma town along the custom combining trail. …

Heritage flows through our veins with loyal patience. Seeds planted in our youth may take years to reach maturity.

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The voice resonating from old black and white photographs commands attention. Yellowed by age with edges worn down by the vestiges of time, these windows to the past contain an earnestness not found in today’s studio portraits and urban alley photo shoots.

Our ancestors were not pretending. Strong and steadfast…

Tammy Hader

Ex-accountant, lifetime cat lover and avid wearer of hats. Exploring a creative path during the second half of my existence. Visit me at https://tammyhader.com.

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